Chapter 8! :)  

Chapter 8
Rose’s P.O.V.

So here’s a little recap for you. Zayn thinks Harry and I have something going on (but we don’t.) Harry actually loves Juliette, but Juliette met a guy at the ice cream shop and likes him instead. Zayn went out with Lacey to prove he can move on.

We got through to the live shows; Harry almost confessed his feelings to Jules, but then enters Damien and Lacey to ruin this whole happy moment. And I got mad at Zayn for going out with the girl who I despise, and I stormed out. And this guy, I think you know him, his name’s Liam, he’s about to kiss me like right now.

I pushed him away before his lips met mine. “Liam, what are you doing?”

He looked down, embarrassed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to just go for it… it’s just, I like you Rose. I really do.”

“But how did I not know about this? Since when?” I questioned.

He thought for a moment before answering. “Since we met. You just had something about you that I loved. But I found out that you were with Zayn, so I knew I couldn’t say anything…”

I sighed. “Liam, it’s really not a good time for you to tell me these things. I can’t think right. I still love Zayn, and I don’t really know how I feel about all this yet,” I replied, making motions with my hands.

“Well then let me take you out for lunch then. Or better yet, be my date to the X Factor party tomorrow night.” He looked at me with his puppy dog eyes he knew I couldn’t deny.

I smiled slightly. “I don’t know about that…”

“Think about it. Okay?” When I nodded, he looked satisfied.

Our driver pulled up to the front of the house, and I got up from my place on the front stairs.

“I’m gonna head off with the girls. Let’s go back inside to tell them the car is here.”

As we walked down the huge corridor, Liam casually slung his arm around me, and I didn’t protest, only because if it made him happy and if it didn’t go any more than that, I was cool.

The room got suddenly silent as Liam and I walked in, until Zayn spoke. “Wow, she’s a fast mover. Two guys in two days. Boys watch out, she’s coming for you.”

Liam shot him a cold glare as well as everyone else but Lacey and Damien, who had Jules in his lap. Harry didn’t look very happy with that.

I turn to Zayn. “You know what? You’re the one who messed up okay? So you do not have the right to tell me I made a pass on Harry. You misheard things, and you were wrong. Fucking asshole! Who do you think you are?!” All the pent up things inside my chest literally exploded out of my mouth.

“Girls, the car is here to pick us up,” I say, before Zayn can retort. I look at Liam who’s still shooting daggers at Zayn. “I’ll see you tomorrow night at eight.” I look at him, smiling.

I hug and peck his cheek. His smile lights up the whole room. Everyone stare at me with incredulous looks on their faces. With a last wave to the other boys, I leave. Jules is saying goodbye to Damien for the night, as is Ginge and Cam to Lou and Niall.

The second we’re all in the car, the girls turn to me for an explanation. “What was that?” Jules said.

“Liam likes me… So he invited me to the X Factor party tomorrow night as his date. I mean, I really don’t know what’s going to happen between us, but if Zayn can move on, so can I.” I shrug.

Ginger looks at me. “Are you sure you aren’t using Liam to make Zayn jealous?”

“You think I would do that to Liam?” I felt hurt that she had even suggested it.

“No, I’m just asking, like this is very out of the blue.” She reassures.

“I honestly think Liam is sweet, and I really wouldn’t mind getting closer to him, you know?”

Cam seems to be jerked awake. “Oh my god, what the hell am I going to wear?”

“You brought like four suitcases! How are you going to say that?” Juliette laughs.

“How ‘bout we all get ready tomorrow afternoon, hair, make up, clothes, everything!” I suggest.

Ginger nods excitedly. “Who has the biggest room then? We’ll set up station there.”

“Set up station? Love, you sound like an army general!”

Ginge sticks out her tongue at Cam like a little kid. “Not my fault my dad is like the strictest military dude out there! I’ve been hearing this stuff since I was a wee lass.”

I crack up, “Wee lass? What are you now, Scottish? I love you Ginge, you make my life.”

“Guess who I am.” Ginger puts on a Cheshire accent. “So, erm, basically, I get on with her very well…. And basically we just get on.”

Jules is laughing, waving her arms in surrender.

“I’m done!” she giggles. “I can’t do this anymore.”

Obviously her saying that leads to Cam, Ginger, and me to scream, “That’s what she said,” at the top of our lungs.

As we’re laughing, I look out the window. “Guys, this is not the way to the hotel.”

They pause, looking out the window. It’s a lot dimmer out, and we’re being taken down an unfamiliar road.

“Oh my god, you don’t think we’re being kidnapped?!” Camellia starts panicking.

Jules put a hand on her leg. “Babe, calm down. It’s okay! Rose, ask the driver where we’re going.”

“Oh, yeah make me ask him. If I get a gun held to my head, I love you all.” I was being half serious about it. I slide up and press the button to lower the screen.

The driver smiles at me. I mean, he doesn’t look too scary. “Hi there, do you girls need anything?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to bother you, but you don’t think you could tell me where we’re going?” The driver takes right turn and continues down a shady alley.

“Simon rented you two houses to share.  He wanted you guys to be closer to each other. And he’s already assigned you a group to stay with. You’ll probably stay here for the next week or so to practice, and then live shows are on Friday night.” I’m kind of excited for this.

“You’re an information pamphlet, aren’t you? Thanks for your help! I hope I’ll be seeing you.” The driver smiles through the rearview mirror at me.

“Good luck girls. I’ll be voting for you!”

I push the button to close the screen again and slide through the limo back down to my seat.

“You didn’t scream, so I assumed you were fine.” Juliette grins.

“Girl, I could’ve been dead before I could scream!” She pshawed, waving it away.

Ginger spoke, “What did he say?”

“Oh he told me that he’s gonna take us to his boss and hold us for ransom.” I calmly explained. My smile betrayed me, and they knew I was joking.

After I got a shove from Camellia, (abusive much?), I explained to them what our driver told us.

“We’re here! Who do you think we’re sharing with?” Juliette inquired.

I hope to God that it wasn’t One Direction. I couldn’t deal with him for another week. But of course, God has his whole plan to make my life miserable. As soon as we get out of the limo, so are Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam.

“Oh isn’t this fabulous.” I mutter darkly under my breath.

I see Zayn roll his eyes. It’s funny isn’t it? How to people who were perfectly in love hate each other the next second? I grabbed my sweater out of the limo and proceeded inside.

It’s mayhem as we get settled. Turns out Simon wanted us to share rooms. There are five rooms, which means we have to pair up, and someone gets the free room.

Ginger decides to sleep with Louis. Not in that way, you dirty minded people. Jules ends up with Harry after his whole speech of why she’s best to sleep with him. (She’s a heavy sleeper so he won’t be bothered by his snoring.) Niall is red in the face when he asks Cam if she wants to stay with him, which leaves… Crap.

Liam, Zayn and I share a look for a moment before I grab my stuff and enter a room. They can sleep together. I start unpacking when I hear a voice.

“You don’t want some time with your boy toy?” Zayn says, standing at my doorway.

I breathe deeply, doing my best not to end up fighting again. “We aren’t together, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“Nope. I wasn’t. Thanks for the information though.” He strolls into my room and takes a seat on the futon.

“Why are you like this Zayn? We could’ve at least ended on good terms.” I throw my stuff into a drawer and sit down.

He sounds surprised at the question. “I don’t know, maybe because you didn’t tell me that you liked my best friend.”

I took a wadded t-shirt to throw it at him. “I DIDN’T LIKE HIM. Did you not listen to what happened at all?”

“Yes, I did. But I was talking about the other one. You know, the one who’s your date tomorrow?” He hisses.

I narrowed my eyes. “You’re such a hypocrite! You’re going to yell at me when you’re seeing Miss Psychopath over here.”

“Do not talk about my girlfriend like that,” Zayn snaps. “At least she’s not some depressed cutting slag.”

I don’t know what I’m shocked at. The fact that he just told me Lacey was his girlfriend, or that he just said that about me.

I stand up with tears about to burst out of my eyes. “Rose, I didn’t mean that…” Zayn says quietly, softening his voice.

“I thought you were an asshole, yeah. I didn’t like you, but I didn’t hate you. Now I don’t think I can even be near you.” I stepped out of the room, went downstairs past the others eating in the kitchen, and slammed the door outside.

It was weird in Barcelona, warm in the day and chilly at night. I sat on the front porch on a swinging couch, and shivered. The occasional tear slipped out of the corner of my eye, but everything else was silent.

The night was pretty. The sky was lit up with millions of stars, and the calming waves could be heard from the beach house.

“They told me to leave you alone, but you look like you need to talk.” I hear. I turn my head slightly to see Harry.

I sadly smile at him and wipe away another tear.

He sits down. “Do I even have to ask who you want me to beat up?”

“You all know who it is.” I say, picking at the striped fabric of the chair.

Harry pulls me close to him, and his warmth radiates from his body. “I want to talk to you, but it’s fucking freezing out here. Come on; let’s go to your room.” He pauses. “That sounds weird, but up, up!”

I laugh a little. He holds out his hands to be pulled up. Once he’s standing, we enter the room and it occurs to me how long I’ve been out there; all the lights are turned off, and it seems like everyone’s sleeping.

Harry gently shuts the door to my room after we had made our way up the stairs. I plop down on my queen size bed and scoot over to leave room for Harry. I rest my head on his chest. This is really romantic in any kind of way, Harry’s like a brother to me.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” He asks.

I really don’t want to say, but it’s so easy to talk to Harry I do anyway. “Zayn called me a depressed, self-cutting slut. Or something along those lines.”

Immediately, Harry leapt out from behind me causing me to almost hit my head on the head board. “He said what? That self-righteous, ignorant ass.” I grab his arm to restrain him from going anywhere.

“Hazza, don’t. It’s not worth it.”

“He called you a slag. You fucking bet it’s worth it!” Thankfully he lies back down again, resuming his position.

I’m silent after that, until Harry says, “You know I want to strangle him right now, right?”

I laugh quietly. “I know how you feel.”

Harry pauses a second before replying again. “Why did you cut, Rose?”

“It’s complicated… I tell you about it sometime.”

“I’d like that. I don’t mean to bombard you with questions, but I have another one for you.” I roll of Harry’s chest and propped myself up on my shoulders.

“Kay, shoot.”

His green eyes scan my face, as if to remember the before picture. “Do you still love Zayn?”

I stay quiet. “That’s complicated too, Harry.”

“I bet he’d like to know that story.” I laugh, a little.

“Doubt it. He’s moved on now, so I have to too.” Harry pulls me into a hug.

“You really don’t… He loves you. I know he does, he just doesn’t know how to tell you. You guys are both so stubborn, it’ll keep on going like this till forever if you don’t let your guard down.”

I sigh, and get up to turn off the lights. “I’ll think about it. I have a date tomorrow night though, so it wouldn’t work out. I might like Liam, Harry. Have you ever thought about that?”

I go back to my spot in Harry’s arms. His eyelids are slowly drooping. “You guys are supposed to be together,” he murmurs. “I know it.”

I close my eyes and pretend not to hear the last sentence. “Night, Harry. Love you.”

“I love you too, Rose.” A second later, his soft snores are all I can hear.

The next morning I wake up to myself in an empty bed. After changing clothes and washing off my smeared makeup, I walk downstairs to breakfast.

“Morning guys!” Yesterday’s talk with Harry let a load of relief off my shoulders, and I felt much more lightweight.

I sit around the kitchen table with Jules, Harry, Lou, Ginge, and Zayn. Zayn looks at me with regret and guilt in his eyes but after a moment of eye contact, I make sure to avoid it.

“Hey sleepyhead. Want some breakfast?” Before I can get up to make myself some, Jules is already up and piling yummy smelling things on my plate.

“CAM, HURRY UP! I SMELL BACON!” I hear Niall yell from their bedroom.

I laugh a little, surprising the others who hadn’t heard the comment. I flush, embarrassed. “Just thought of something funny.”

“Well, crazy lady who laughs out of nowhere, me and Jules were talking and we agreed, nothing we have is good for the party tonight, so we’re gonna go shopping tonight.” Ginge says confidently.

I nod, “Sounds good. You guys good with your suits tonight?”

Louis smiles, “Yeah, we look FIERCE.”

Harry laughs. “If you weren’t with Ginger, I would honestly question your sexuality right now.”

Louis smirks over at Harry. “Harry! What are you talking about? Are you saying you didn’t enjoy last night with me?!”

“Lou, he was with me all night!” Everyone’s head turns to me as soon as I say that. “No, we were just talking!” I protest.

“I bet you were.” Louis says playfully, giving me an exaggerated wink.

“Are you honestly bouncing between Harry and Liam?” Zayn asks with disgust evident in his voice.

I stand. “I can’t deal with him.” I say indirectly. I almost make it out of the room without talking to him when I decide to turn back. “By the way, I’m not. Harry and I were talking about a rude comment that someone made calling me a slag.”

“Rose—“ Zayn is close to apologizing, but I can’t hear it. I speed up the stairs.

I started to apply my makeup. “Rose come down here and help me find my purse! “ Jules screams.

I sprint downstairs where everyone is scrounging around. “Zayn, hold open the closet door for Rose while she looks in there. It locks from the outside, so don’t get trapped.”

As I avoid Zayn completely, I grope along the sides and get stuck under and ironing board. “Zayn, I’m stuck.” I say after minutes of trying to pull myself out.

He rushes forward to help me, and I barely manage to say, “The door—,” before it snaps shut.

“Shit! We’re locked in! Jules!” Zayn bangs on the door. I hear some murmurs outside the door, and a minute later Harry speaks.

“You aren’t coming out till you guys make up! We aren’t spending another week with you guys arguing every minute of the day!”

The dim light bulb hardly illuminates the small closet. Great. I was stuck in a closet. With Zayn.